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TWM Woodworking: Family Fun.

Originally appeared in The Grapevine: September 4th-18th, 2014

This summer, I have had the great good fortune of being invited to attend not one but two weddings for two lovely humans I know. One is a pal from law school, one I’ve known since she was born. In both cases, half of their gift came from the same vendor at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market so it seemed only fair that I share with you the source of these awesome and one-of-a-kind presents.

My own darling husband (Mike) and I were married 12 years ago (on August 25th) and of all the presents we received for publicly batting our twitterpated eyes at each other, the two handmade wooden cutting boards we received have been the most constant and useful reminder of that day. Of course, our children are also a constant and occasionally useful reminder of that day, but children are not for everyone and not available for purchase. At least, not at the Farmers’ Market. But I digress.

TWM Woodworking Crafts makes lots of great and interesting wood products that are mostly sourced from otherwise-scrap wood. There are shelf thingies, small cupboards, bird-feeders, and cutting boards. They even sell round cutting boards, which you may remember was a thing I commented on in my last RootLocal instalment: a round loaf of bread looks truly fetching on a round cutting board. Don’t just trust me on this, though: try it at home.

The glory in its glory: ah, the glory of it all.
The glory in its glory: ah, the glory of it all.

TWM Woodworking Crafts is a truly family operation, and when I say family, I mean FAMILY. Tammy walked me through the products she makes, her husband makes, her mother makes, and her husband’s mother makes. I was not surprised to hear they do not have children. Who would have time? Everything is beautifully made and functional and clearly intended to last forever and then some.

I let Clara choose the cutting board for the lifelong friend’s wedding and she chose the same style as the one I’d given to my law school pal. Each is unique, however, and Clara tells me she chose the “beautifuller” one from the selection on hand that day. I did not take a comparison photo, but I assure you they were all beautiful. Beauty IS important when one is preparing meals, and having a handcrafted cutting board is a sure way to incorporate beauty into an otherwise routine task.

Is this not gorgeous? Do you not weep for the sheer beauty of it all?!?

I also purchased a length of hooks made from an old apple barrel stave (a word, incidentally, that popped into my head that happens to actually be the correct term for these things). I love that it is very “of” the Valley and I love that it is re- purposed. Also I love hooks (and shelves). It’s kind of perfect.

The only drawback about cutting boards, however, is that they really do last a lifetime. The ones we got for our wedding are still in perfect condition, otherwise, I would be getting another one (or two) from TWM Woodworking Crafts. But you should totally buy them as wedding gifts – or maybe for a baby shower present – something the baby can take with her when she is off to college!

TWM Woodworking Crafts can be found at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market, and on Facebook.

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