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Caffeine for the Whole Family!

(Originally published in The Grapevine in their November 13 – 27th, 2014 edition)

What could I possibly say about JustUs that has not already been said? For many of us, JustUs introduced us to the very concept of Fair Trade in a way that we could actually access on a regular basis. I decided that the best way to talk about JustUs at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market was to talk about JustUs at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market!

Rarely a visit goes by at the Market without me topping off a goody with a delicious coffee from JustUs made by the cheerfully grinning Frank. Frank seems to love preparing whatever your heart desires and he is every bit as attentive to my 6 year old with her very specific hot chocolate instructions (mostly milk but very chocolate, please) as he is to the grown-ups who toss out phrases like skinny and half-shot and other fancy coffee terms I don’t pretend to comprehend.

Serious discussions, many instructions.
Serious discussions, many instructions.

Having sampled nearly every kind of coffee, chocolate, and tea sold by JustUs over the years, I asked Frank what he would choose if he were to try to ascertain the quality of a coffee shop’s offerings. He told me a simple cappuccino was the perfect test: it is the sweet spot of the ideal ratio of steamed milk to espresso. I accepted his suggestion and he was right, it was perfect.

Beauty embodied.  Deliciousness created.
Beauty embodied. Deliciousness created.

Solomon looked askance at the size of my cup because he is convinced larger portion sizes are always preferable. Not so, friend, not so. Frank knows his stuff.

Max chose a pumpkin spice latte, and I almost feel bad about telling you this, because the season of pumpkin spice lattes has drawn to a close. See, Frank told me that this year JustUs realized that rather than rely on purchasing the flavouring syrup for said lattes, it would make far more sense for the JustUs kitchen wizards to concoct their own brew from locally sourced pumpkins. Not being a fan of pumpkin lattes myself, Max tells me the latte was absolutely scrumptious.

This ought to wake him up...
This ought to wake him up…

Mike concurred, having availed himself of a chai tea with some of the pumpkin spice syrup added (this was a creation devised by he and Frank on the spot).

We all agreed, though, that if you’re looking for the most amazingly perfect hot beverage treat, Solomon’s choice is the way to go. I am convinced that JustUs makes absolutely the best Chai Tea Latte around. It is sweet without being cloying, spicy with just enough zing to make your tongue happy, and smoothly rich. I am trying to resist my favourite word, but dang it all, it IS delicious!

Really, just full of Espresso...
Really, just full of Espresso…

Most days, though, if you spot me at the market, I’ll be sipping on a medium roast medium sized coffee because I’m just that kind of gal. And JustUs coffee is always hot and ready to go at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market.

JustUs is available at the market, at many retail outlets, at their own coffee shops and roastery (in Grand Pre). You can also check out their fantastic website at

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