Do Not Eat the Soap

* Originally written on October 12th, 2014

Well, it only took 6 1/2 months of dedicated training, but today I finished my very first half marathon. And what does every runner crave after a long, hard run? That’s right: a long relaxing shower. Fortunately, this edition’s focus is Slice Soapworks.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I feel I should tell you (and the good people of Slice Soapworks) that I first acquired a product from Slice a little over three weeks ago in stealth mode. I figured something like a body lotion should have a good long time to soak in (see what I did there) in order for me to give a proper evaluation of the effectiveness of said product.

Now. There is a certain judge in town, who shall remain nameless, who is not fond of scented products*. In fact, she has been known to close Court to allow scent offenders to clean up their act. Fortunately, I am also a member of the less-is-more and none-is-perfect school of thought when it comes to befouling our shared airspace. While Slice makes many delightfully scented products, they also produce an array of exciting products for the minimalist (noneist?) camp.

I asked whether they produced an unscented body lotion and while the knowledgeable and friendly daughter to the chief soap cook (Taylor) told me that they do manufacture unscented lotion, they were sold out at the time I made my request. Excitingly, however, they make a wonderful peppermint lotion!

The lotion is just about the greatest thing I can think of for a post-run shower. It is soothing and refreshing and it leaves no scent to irritate anyone. I have extremely dry sky and this lotion has been amazing. The other fantastic part is that it comes in glass bottles, which you can return for refills and/or refunds**. I am a convert.

The week after I had procured said loveliness, I returned to Slice and introduced myself, this time in search of their raison d’être: soap. Soap has gotten a bad rap over the years and no wonder. The cakes of crud offered by supermarkets and drugstores is nasty, harsh, chemically badness. Handmade cold-pressed soap, on the other hand, is a wonder to behold.

Slice Soapworks starts with a base of goat milk from their very own goats! I can tell you, when goats are involved, life is just better. And here is the really cool part: their soap is also available in unscented but exciting varieties. Nothing has made me more thrilled than to see their “Valley Vineyards” variety. This soap has a lovely swirly colour and just the faintest hint of a lovely red wine. I love the combination of local goodies and fun options for the unscented crowd. I am told, too, it has extra wonderful benefits for my skin.

I let Clara choose a second soap and she selected one called “Forest.” Forest has cedarwood, balsam fir and pine oils and it smells like a hike to Cape Split. Clara held it to her nose most of the way home, sighing “Oh WHY does it smell SO GOOD!!!”

Clara would have chosen one of each, if Id let her.
Clara would have chosen one of each, if I’d let her.

As for me, I decided to go with the theme of the week at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market, which was Pumpkin Palooza. Slice had whipped up a delicious smelling Sweet Pumpkin Chai. This soap smells so good it makes me want to bite it (a lifelong challenge of mine, as my mother will tell you: I love soap). I have resisted, however, as experience has taught me that even the best smelling soap is not edible.

In short – do not eat the soap, do not lick the lotion, but DO rush out and get your own delightful soap, lotion (and bath bombs and lip balms) to let your skin drink in. Slice is available at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market, and other locations you can discover on their lovely website:

* A (different) certain Judge greeted me with peals of laughter when I entered her courtroom after she’d read this in The Grapevine. After I got over being slightly discombobulated, we carried on with the business at hand.

** Today I learned that they are (sadly) needing to phase out the glass bottles as they have become unavailable.  Sad news.

New packaging.  Im sure the contents are as divine as always.
New packaging. Im sure the contents are as divine as always.

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