Planters Ridge Wine Delights

A few months back a friend of mine, whom I’ll call Trish, was turning a not-insignificant age, and she decided to throw herself a party.  I decided I needed to bring her a bottle of wine, so I ventured out to the NSLC.  Because I know she likes red, I asked the lovely store employee to recommend something local.  “Well,” she told me, “Planter’s Ridge was here today, offering samples of their Quintessence Red, and  reaction was extremely positive and many people put down the wine they were carrying and chose the Quintessence instead.”  Perfect.  Also, who can argue with such a name?
Speaking of the written word, apparentely I should have read “Trish’s” invitation more closely.  We arrived, only to discover that her party was also a wine-tasting by the good folk of Planter’s Ridge.  They’d chosen three representative wines…including the Quintessence Red.  I’m nothing if not redundant.
This weekend, bright and early, I stopped by the Planter’s Ridge at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market.  Lisa, co-owner of the winery, stepped me through the various whites, the rosé, and the reds.  I chose two bottles, one white, and one red.
The white, named Quintessence White, I chose based on her description of it being big, and fruity, but not sweet.  Lest you mistake me for some kind of Sommelier, I will be upfront in pointing out that my criteria for wine includes local, yummy, and thank you for the excellent suggestion.  QW fits this to a T.  It has a giant smell that crashes into your face when you pop the cork.  And its flavour seems to develop and build with each sip.  I swear it tastes like blueberries, but my (far more sophisticated) friend disagreed, and spoke of tropical fruits and melons.  Whatever it is, it is delicious and perfect for anyone who likes a strongly, assertively, flavour-filled white.  Yum.
The red is called Lucie Kuhlmann (so named for the variety of grape). Lisa suggested this after I outed myself as a novice red-drinker.  My friend, a red aficionado, was quite delighted with it and exclaimed “strawberries!”  I was thrilled that she of the discerning palate, who generally errs on the side of almost-chewy reds, enjoyed this local gem.  I, too, thought it was full of flavour, but unlike many reds, I did not find it overwhelming or thick.  It was light but rich.  Me, of the “I’ll drink that red not to be rude” variety actually liked it enough that I almost went back for a second glass, until I remembered I needed to try the white, too.
If you invite me for a red-wine-needing-dinner, don’t be surprised if I show up with a bottle of Lucie Kuhlmann tucked under my arm…even if the people of Planter’s Ridge are there ahead of me.
Quintessence white will be at home in my fridge, if you’d like to drop by.
Planter’s Ridge wines are available, as mentioned, at the NSLC, at the Wolfville Farmer’s Market, and at their winery.  Virtual visits at: www.plantersridge.ca
You may note an utter absence of photos within this blog post.  I have no idea why I took none.  Too busy enjoying the wine, I guess!

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